advanced rock paper scissor

2 players mod added

You can stop or play the animations and the tutorial look better.
Some improvements are added.

This game is a rock paper scissor game with upgrades and rewards !

complete all the rewards to finish the game ! (the game is saved automatically)

visit the rewards page to see how to reach them

visit the shop to see what you can upgrade with your cash and what are the improvements 

4 games mods,

  • 2 players : Play with yours friends

  • normal : Play the basical rock paper scissor game and upgrade your weapons.

  • level : Play the game with 3 levels to upgrade all your weapon to the maximum.

  • logic : The computer anticipate your turn

instruction ,

in the 2 players mod the rewards are locked and the shop system is automatic
all the instructions to play are inside the game. More help in the options is included  


mouse in one player 
ASD - arrows keys in 2 players mod

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