City of Zombies & Ninjas 3D

City of Zombies & Ninjas is a slash-em type game where you survive hordes of zombie attacks in a side-view 3d perspective.

It offers addicting and fast-paced gameplay, a STORY MODE, 4 weapons, katana, shuriken, pistol, grenades,  powerups, and several ways to kick zombies to death.

Game features several movie-like CUTSCENES that explain the story as the game progresses.

Also we've implemented a 2-games-in-1 design, where players change from side-scrolling gameplay to FPS-style gameplay (The Haunted Hotel). This makes for almost two games in one, and a very addictive game.

Lastly there's a SURVIVAL MODE that adds great replay value.

Lastly , we'd like to state that the game is open to important changes a sponsor might want.

Let me know if you are interested in our game, we believe it can be a strong title with possible SEQUELS later on.

Arrow Keys
A, S, Z, X
G, K

Additional note : For some strange reason, the points system doesnt work in the FGL window above, but it DOES work on a regularly-hosted HTML page, so this will not be a problem for your web site.

Interested? Email me :


-Charles Perez

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